The Board of Supervisors took a vote for local quality construction in Sonoma County. After hearing public input and comments the Board has decided that future major public works construction projects should be built by AFL/CIO skilled trades men and women who are residents of our local North Bay Community.
The North Bay Trades believe that this partnership will produce educational opportunities for our younger generation as these public projects will provide opportunities for apprentice training and work hours.
Beginning in 2024 Sonoma County and the North Bay Building Trades will be working on public infrastructure improvements for the Water Agency, Sonoma County Airport, and various special districts that serve our citizens locally.

The North Bay Building Trades will be working on building the future for the City of Santa Rosa with opportunities to work where they live without having the travel out of the County. In addition, a chance for our younger generation to gain local construction experience and expertise through our quality Apprenticeship programs. A Community Workforce Agreement is the cornerstone to ensure that skilled labor is both local and well trained. The Trades are invested locally in shared prosperity for the North Bay region

Our Children and their Parents deserve well constructed facilities. We live in earthquake country, and have experienced many natural disasters in the past few years. The Skilled Trades have partnered with the Santa Rosa City Schools to build to the highest safety and quality standards provided by our extensive training and experience. Our commitment to education is exhibited by our own learning centers where we have tutored, and mentored thousands of young people over many decades.