Our Affiliates

IUPAT Local DC 16

Who We Are:

Drywall Finishers-Floor Coverers- Glaziers-Painters-Specialty Crafts

Discover Your Union:

We are Painters, Drywall Finishers, Glaziers, Floor Coverers and Specialty Craft Workers. We take pride in our crafts and our passion to build. From the infrastructure that moves our society, the offices, homes and institutions that shape our communities. We are the Professional Finishers of DC16 IUPAT.

(DC 16) Painters Local 83

(DC 16) Glaziers Local 718

(DC 16) Carpet/Linoleum/Soft Tile Workers Local 12

  • Carpet, Linoleum, & Soft Tile Workers Local Union 12 represents over 1100 members covering 9 Bay Area counties.
  • A couple of Local 12 North Bay Contractors are:
  • D.S. Baxley 2307 Circadian Way in Santa Rosa – PH: 707-595-6098
  • Ellis Flooring located in 515 Frazier Ave in Santa Rosa – PH: 707-792-2151
  • B.T. Mancini 2985 Dutton Ave #1 in Santa Rosa – PH: 707-568-5300